An Inquiry Into The Nature And Causes Of The Wealth Of Nations by Adam Smith – A New Look

Rarely does a day pass without some apparently authoritative commentator quoting, referring to or claiming the support of Adam Smith’s An Inquiry Into The Nature And Causes Of The Wealth Of Nations. There cannot be many books whose influence has been so profound or so long lasting. Its continued relevance to our world is quite remarkable, given that it was written two and a half centuries ago, despite its positions on world trade, commodities, pricing, education and labour being based on an economy profoundly different from our own. Is the book’s elevated status justified? Is it still relevant to a world of electronic trade, debt crisis and giant corporations? How much of what is usually attributed to its pages is actually there? And does it contain anything that can still surprise? It’s time, therefore, for a new look at one of the greatest economic analyses of all time.
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Finland tests a new form of welfare

Mr Jarvinen, benched too long

JUHA JARVINEN, an unemployed young father in a village near Jurva, in western Finland, brims with ideas for earning a living. He has just agreed to paint the roofs of two neighbours’ houses. His old business, making decorative window frames, went bust a few years ago. Having paid off debts, he recently registered another, to produce videos for clients.

Mr Jarvinen says that for six years he hoped to start a new business but it was impossible. The family got by on his wife’s wages as a nurse, plus unemployment and child benefits. He had a few job offers from local businesses, which are mainly in forestry, furniture and metalwork. But anything less than a permanent, well-paid post made no sense, since it would jeopardise his welfare payments. To re-enroll for benefits later would be painfully slow.

Mr Jarvinen’s luck turned in January, when he was picked at random from Finland’s unemployed (10% of the…Continue reading

Look Up! How to Unlock the Storage Potential of Your Walls and Ceilings

The average size of a New York apartment has been shrinking in the 21st century, with budget-conscious tenants preferring savings and simplicity over square footage. Today the average one bedroom, 750 square foot apartment in Manhattan can easily cost $ 3,000+ a month, while its 550 square foot counterpart goes for a cool $ 2,300+.

Professionals residing in these micro spaces already have the challenge of giving away possessions that create clutter and make the space inefficient. Even when taking this measure, closets and cabinets fill up pretty quickly. Residents then find themselves in need of storage for daily essentials like cooking utensils, electronics, and cleaning supplies.

If there is no storage space left in closets or cabinets, where can you go to find extra space? The solution is to look up and unlock the storage potential of your walls and ceilings.


Image by Frédéric Poirot / Flickr


The Kitchen

Clutter can accumulate quickly in your kitchen, and since cooking is central to everyday life, you need efficient space. Some solutions you can employ to optimize kitchen storage space are:

  • – Wall Hooks – A wall hook rack can easily double as an extra shelf to hang pots and pans while providing an extra shelf to store key items like spices, dish towels, or whatever suits your habits. This bookshelf wall rack is one example of a way to get your wall to store items in your tiny kitchen.
  • – Ceiling Rack – If your kitchen has a layout where this ceiling rack by VDOMUS can be installed, you can use the area above your head as a storage solution.

The Living Room

  • – Cube Storage – This unequivocal favorite in storage solutions comes first on the list. Cube storage can be as tall as you like, giving you ample space to store all of your essentials. Everything can be tucked away in a clean fashion in bins, while some cubes can be left bare to act as miniature bookshelves.
  • – Floating Wall Shelves – These handy shelves attach to your walls and are a spin on the wall shelves in your kitchen. An interesting example is these natural wooden shelves from World Market.

The Bedroom

  • – Armoire – It is very likely that your closet will not be big enough for your clothing and accessories. Finding a slim, space-conscious armoire like this one can ease the space strain in your bedroom and help organize your personal items.
  • – Ceiling mounted shelf – When your walls and closets are stretched to the utmost capacity, remember the ceiling! This mounted shelf by Hyloft attaches to your ceiling, giving you added space to store essentials.

Unlock the Potential

With apartments renting at a premium, making the most of every square inch of your home is key to living without clutter and making life efficient. When traditional storage options are maxed out, look to your walls and ceilings to provide the extra room you need to keep all your necessary items organized and accessible.

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Kempen Capital Management appoints new Head of Investment Strategy

Michel Iglesias del Sol, Kempen

Kempen Capital Management (Kempen) has appointed Michel Iglesias del Sol (pictured), as Head of Investment Strategy, and a member of the management team, for the firm’s Client Solutions’ team.

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