Amazon Becoming What Walmart Became

Amazon has the money power, and credit to put any companies lights out, and to purchase out right most businesses. Which is kind of scary to think about. Walmart didn’t buy other companies. They were not buying hardware stores, Paint stores, Auto repair, pharmacies, book stores, or jewelry stores. Walmart just watched as they went out of business one by one, as Walmart stormed middle America.


Amazon on the other hand is taking over the brick and mortar world store by store, and they have although put vast bookstores out of business. Waldens, Borders, and all the privately own community bookstores ect, and they have the nerve to open Amazon bookstores.  The Whole Foods acquisition was the big one that became a major disrupter, and to be fair other big brick, and mortar businesses could have bought them like a Target or Walmart.


I get it, I totally see where Amazon is going. I see a great comforter set on Amazon. I want it, and with in the hour a drone rolls into the neighborhood, and drops it off. This will turn the delivery business upside down, and all delivery services should take notice for that reason. UPS, Fedex, USPS all should closely follow what Amazon is doing in that respect. I can see where Amazon is also going. They do not want to rely primarily on the internet to do business, I believe is very smart, will they buy Starbucks, or Dunkin Doughnuts, New York’s ABC Carpet who knows, but the Whole Foods deal put every business on notice, and primed for a buy out.


Amazon is one of the very rare 1990s internet start ups that manage to weather the big late 90s early 2000’s internet bust, or mushroom cloud. Why is because Jeff Bezo’s is very smart, and did not expand to quickly, and kept in my opinion the core basic of his business model, also he did not get greedy, and expand to fast, now some 25 years late. Amazon has the power to do what ever they want.


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