Concussion May Destroyer The NFL

Don’t get me wrong I love professional football. I can’t wait to cheer on my New York Giants, it has eclipsed Baseball finally in popularity. I wonder why is that after all these years. Is it the salary cap, where the NFL has allowed in any given year. A team with a really bad record the previous year, and we can see them in the Super Bowl the next year. What is it really. In my opinion its the violent nature of the sport, even with the fights in hockey they have nothing on the National Football League, nothing I tell you, If the NFL had there way. We would have 18 week schedules or longer. Already career are very short with some very few exceptions punters, kickers, and QB’s. Sure we are selfish we want our heroes that we watch every Sunday afternoon to play for ever. Yes Roger Staubach, Walter Payton, and Joe Namath would have loved to see these guys play 20  years each, or more recent fan favorites like Pittsburgh’s Troy Polamalu, Baltimore’s Ray Lewis, or San Diego’s LaDainian Tomlinson, how dare these guys get hurt, and retire.Its heart breaking when they go, and they all evenutally leave there game.


The NFL is going to become like the Roman Gladiator era. We remember the Russell Crowe film. You play the game of football to be the best, to win to legally hit the next guy as hard as you can. Professional football players are getting bigger, and much more stronger than when I used to watch football as a kid in the 70s; The best team in the 70s which was probably the Pittsburgh Steelers could not compete with the worst team in 2017; just bigger faster, and stronger men.


The Concussion will end professional football. The NFL is scrambling around as we speak to come up with a remedy, unfortunately there is no fix, unless you just stop the game all together, and it will happen, maybe 100 years from now. Maybe 100 years from now there will be no live real players, but realistic robots owned by corporations, and individuals. and my kids great grand kids will be utter dumbfounded at the though that there were actually people playing this game in utter bewilderment.  Kind of like me now today, that people were actually slaves, people owned other people wow. If you keep making it easier, and easier for players not to get hit, running backs, quarterback ect. I guarantee you that fans will tune out, ratings will drop. NFL teams will loose money, teams will have to rely on there own ways to bring in revenue. There will be smaller contracts, and smaller signing bonus.


I remember watching Super Bowl 7 January 1973; We had the Miami Dolphins, Vs The Washington Redskins. I though the players were huge, plus I was an 11 year old kid, but if you look at the players now my god they are wholly mammoths, stronger and bigger. Check out You Tube go back to the mid 70s, look at the players then and now. The powers that be in football won’t let there precious cash cow die, it will probably centuries down the road, so sit back, and enjoy your favorite team.

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