Donald Trump What Is Wrong With Him



Donald Trump what is wrong with this President, dose he need a mental evaluation. I think he dose, In my opinion he is much to old for the job of President of the United States, which is a big issue, and he is all over the place during his rallies, and just a basic speech. This President more than any needs to stick to the teleprompter, and a really good speech writer, if he is going to survive the next three and a half years in office. The rest of his time in office is a very long time.


These rallies that he holds, recently in Arizona, and hes been here in West Virginia were I live makes no since what so ever. Is he campaigning for President for 2020 now just 6 months into office I don’t get it.  If I were Trump, since his approval rating are so bad, get your ass back on track with the quickness, and go after the basic things you must get done in 3 and a half years, and get off the big grand standing Barnum and Bailey like, I must have a border wall, or else the government will shut down if I don’t get my billions to build the wall, give me a break.


I have followed Presidents since I would have to say going back to Richard Nixon. I remember very little of Lyndon Johnson, but Nixon on I remember very well especially since all the Watergate thing exploded. We have  had Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama, and Now Trump, so far Donald Trump is by far the worst U.S. President in my generation. He is horrible beyond horrible. He dose not inspire, or pull the country together during a crises, and he gives horrible speeches, and hes all over the place with his agenda.


The worst by anyone not just Presidents, just as a person, and he always has been. I literally pause my Direct TV, when Trump comes on to speak. I wait about 2 minutes, and then fast forward. There is nothing I need to hear from Donald Trump at all. Perhaps I’ll listen to his farewell speech. When he goes into a rambling rant blaming everyone, but himself for all the things he could not get done while in office. I do believe all his cabinet member should stay. They are serving the United States, and not Trump directly it would look very bad if members come, and go with great frequency in the next three and a half years.


I will leave with this. Donald Trump greatly reminds me of a President who was not elected, and who became President because of a death, or something major like a resignation, or something. Much Like Chester Alan Arthur, Andrew Johnson, or John Tyler bad Presidents with no real plan or direction I’ll throw Gerald Ford in that mix to. Once Trump completely looses the Republican Congress it’s pretty much over for the Donald. It will be like he was impeached, he will be kind of relegated back to signing executive orders all day, giving these ridiculous rallies, and kissing babies.

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