We Again Sleeping Giants To North Korea

I said this around 2002, or early 2003; we have to deal with North Korea, or get them in check early.  Now with the son Kim Jung Un running the show its a bad situation for the world, not us The United States. Kim Jung Un sees a weak U.S. President who is not a political, and is losing his power more, and more every day. Donald Trump has lost all confidence with the American public, except for these crazy people at the rallies. The President has lost Congress as well, and Kim Jung Un sees that very clear. We were in a coma when Japan hit us in 1941; we were out cold.


It this reminds me how  inexperience, and venerable when Russia wanted yo place missed in Cuba, Castro, and Khrushchev, saw our President John F Kennedy, as weak, and unprepared, but cooler hears prevailed, and it all worked out. The fact that Trump is not a politician, and has limited, and weak foreign policy experience will hurt us.

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