Facebook Days Numbered

Facebook losing the kids, but gaining the parents; according  an article in the Washington Post. I personal use Facebook. I’m a baby boomer born in 1962; but also the gen Xer’s are probably the biggest users in my opinion.

One of the best ways to friend people you barely know, and its the best dating app, better than anything else out there, because I could friend a really attractive woman, who I could not really meet other wise, and have 20 mutual friends, and which gives her a bit of a comfort level since we know the same people which is cool, and then Facebook tells me to wave at her.

This is pretty much why Zuckerberg started Facebook, or The Facebook as it was called in the early days. Facebook is losing my kids the 8 to 13 year old’s they are heading to Snap chat in droves. Your kids don’t really want what your parents do. I certainly didn’t, other than drive a car, like they did.

Is Facebook in trouble maybe, but a billion plus users is still a massive number, and it will continue to grow. If they lose, let’s say they single, gen X group, or and baby boomer that demographic could be a major issue. I’m on Facebook I just want to talk to attractive woman, and meet them, I’m single, and its better than the best dating app.

I don’t play games, but follow some news feeds I subscribed to like CNN, and I follow Duke University, The New York Yankees, and New York Giants that’s it for me nothing more. I truly believe once Snap Chat stock become more attractive. I can see Facebook buying them. One kids say mid teens to early 20’s go then they have a problem. I just use Facebook. I don’t use Twitter or Snap Chat one is plenty


When I first heard about Facebook, a buddy from England told he about it. I signed up, but it sat for a while because. I honestly straight up believed it was a dating site. That is how it was kind of laid out. Facebook, is a great advertising platform of course, and they know how place ads for the various demographics. I probably see different ads than my kids, well I hope so.

Well Facebook when it was introduce was nothing new. We had friendster, and My Space, that were around first, and frankly doing well, but there is always some one that can come along, use there ideas, and make it better.Just like Yahoo was around so much longer than Google, and many other search engines, but Google took off, and shined

The only thing that could kill Facebook, and turn it into a My Space is if a better company comes a long, and knocks them off there throne. I guarantee you that it’s in the works

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